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Marketing - Advanced Self-Hosted Email Solution
This tool provides an advanced self-hosted solution for managing email campaigns, allowing for personalized targeting and detailed tracking.
SEO Website Tools - Advanced Tools for SEO Issues
This feature offers advanced tools for diagnosing and fixing search engine optimization (SEO) issues, helping drive more organic traffic to your website.
YouTube SEO - Scraps Comments and Meta Tags
This tool scrapes comments and meta tags from YouTube, providing valuable insights into your brand or competitors' brands, enabling a more informed strategy.
Website Analytics:
The Website Analytics tool allows users to track the SEO impact on various pages of a website, observe audience behavior across different countries, and understand content performance through page views. It provides insights into the devices being used, enabling optimization for various platforms, and offers actionable data to improve content strategy.

Social Proof Tool

The Social Proof tool helps build trust between businesses and customers by displaying recent purchases, customer reviews, coupons, surveys and more. It's an effective way to provide transparency and boost confidence among potential buyers, as well as a means to collect leads and more!

Social Proof
Website Report

Website Marketing Tools - Audit and Reports:

These tools enable users to audit their websites, generate reports, fix SEO technical issues with step-by-step instructions, and improve overall SEO.

AI Writer - Over 60 Templates for Quality SEO Content:

With over 60 templates, this AI writer tool can create high-quality SEO content to meet all business needs, including e-commerce, ads, meta tags, headlines, company bios, articles, and more.

Ai Generator
Ai Detector

AI Detector - Assists with Boosting Content SEO Ranking

The AI detector analyzes content in accordance with Google's algorithms, providing insights on if it detects AI content to help boost SEO rankings by allowing users to make changes to reduce the AI content score.